“Wow! That is an EXCELLENT customer service/customer retention effort. I was unhappy with the quality of the product that I ordered and didn't think that I'd EVER order from you guys again, but after this action on your part (I understand this is a 1 time deal) you have a REPEAT CUSTOMER. This action shows that your company is not concerned with ONLY MAKING MONEY...you still care about the customer's SATISFACTION. I intend to tell all my friends, family, and business associates to shop your site. Thank You!”
— Jeff
“My response is way overdue on this; I honestly thought this was just too good to be true, and it took awhile for me to believe it. But I checked my account, and you have indeed been true to your word. I am very rarely surprised in a good way with corporate (or even human) behavior because I have very high expectations. I think my expectations have been surpassed maybe 10 times in my pretty long life, and this instance definitely counts as one of them. I have been telling everyone who will listen about Zazzle and your exemplary customer service - and, unfortunately for other companies, you have raised the bar. Thank you - and believe me, you have earned a loyal customer, which is great because I love having an excuse to buy more things with my dogs on them!”
— Grace

Sacs Messenger

Emmenez tout avec vous dans votre sac Messenger ! Conçu pour être polyvalent, ce sac messanger robuste dispose d'un grand compartiment (housse ordinateur portable en option) et est parfait parfait pour une journée au bureau ou une balade à vélo. Très solide, affichera vos designs et créations magnifiquement tout en protégant vos effets des intempéries. Réalisé à la main à San Francisco, en Californie, ce sac est conçu en respectant l'environnement.