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ExtraHyperActive Ambassador Store
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Seattle, WA, Etats-Unis
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ExtraHyperActive is an active lifestyle brand that helps people who're passionate about fitness & travel live a happy, healthy, adventurous life ! We're always on a lookout for brand Ambassadors ! We’re looking for extraordinary individuals with strong passion for fitness and travel, who are active on social media ( blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…), love sharing their workouts and outdoor adventures with others, and want to make extra money doing something they love. We're the ONLY brand that helps people make money to support their healthy, and adventurous lifestyle ! If you’re one of those people who love fitness & travel, who crave adventure, experiences and new ideas, if you have your own Bucket List, then we have a great way for you to start your own fitness and adventure travel business ! Follow this link to learn more =>>> Or use "Connect" tab below to get in touch with us !
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