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Willow's Bluegrass & More
A random assortment of things.
North Carolina, United States
À propos
The name of my shop is "Willow's Bluegrass and More," because I originally figured that---being a bluegrass musician and a bluegrass music lover--that most of my designs would focus on that topic. Now, as it turns out, there's a lot more of the "and More" here than there is of the "Bluegrass," but I guess I won't be changing the name of the shop at this late date. (My name isn't even "Willow," though I've used that name on the internet for well over a decade. My name is Falesha.) I started here in August of 2010, and quickly got addicted to Zazzle. I've been designing here ever since, with a bit of a break during 2013-2014 to undergo surgery and treatment for breast cancer. My main purpose for starting the store in the first place was simply to make a little extra money to help pay off my student loan. (Isn't that hilarious? I'm over 50 and paying off a student loan, and no, I didn't even get a degree, haha.) Anyway, despite a few bumps in the road--both in my own life and with Zazzle itself (man I hate changes!) I'm still here, and still enjoying what I do....and still paying off that danged student loan. Sigh. As for what I do here; Obviously I love colorful designs, I love patterns. I love taking vintage images and turning them into patterns, and in colors that have nothing to do with the original image. I enjoy weird abstract "thingies." (I honestly don't feel that I can call them "art," and if you saw how I actually go about making them, you'd totally agree, haha.) My sense of humor is quirky, and you might "get it", and then again, you might not. And that's okay! Despite what your mental image of a woman-in-her-fifties might be, I love the Internet, and Internet culture, and memes, etc., and I like putting my own twist on those sometimes, as well. And, then there's some photography; some of which is mine, and the rest of which is by my husband, Brent Wiggins. I guess basically what it comes down to is that you might find anything at all here.
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