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Think We, America
Dover, DE, Etats-Unis
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In the wake of the US election in November 2016, something changed in me. I realized we are more divided than ever as a nation and even globally, and I wanted to be part of a healing solution. From that point on I committed to doing whatever possible to bring people closer, remembering that we are in this together. I realized the best way to bridge a divided group is with empathy. Empathy breaks down barriers and is fostered any time we can see ourselves in the eyes of another. The best way to create empathy is by thinking more "we" and less "me." By thinking "we," - or what we all share - we begin to see that underneath the beautiful diversity of appearances and beliefs, we really aren't all that different. We are all human. We all breathe the same air, bleed the same color blood, and have the capacity to feel a wide spectrum of emotions. The more we "Think We," and look for common ground, realizing we are in the same boat, the stronger we will be. The shirt serves as a reminder of what connects us all. United we stand, divided we fall. The shirts were designed with the message in mind, not money. They are sold with only 1% profit, and whatever little is made will go directly back into spreading the message through social media, inspirational videos and charitable t shirt donations. Thank you for your purchase and more importantly, for joining me in spreading the message that WE the people are what makes the US great!
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