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TBICD™ StoryCards™ featuring Short Stories, Poems, Quotes, Quips, etc.
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My store was created to share quotes and quips, and some of my short stories. I have determined that I will use a twist on conventional greeting card concepts to deliver most of those items named above. That greeting card twist is what I call StoryCards™. Unlike typical greeting cards, StoryCards™ are not meant to convey the senders sentiment; but rather are meant to offer the gift of a story to the receiver. Because stories contain wording that is much longer than expected greeting card length, first time recipients are surprised when the card is opened. That surprise is often turned to a smile and then a joyous laugh or some other form of appreciation for a will written story. For the record, some stories are told on the pages of one card. At other times multiple StoryCards™ are required to tell a complete story. The TBICD™ concept is introduced with StoryCards™ to poke fun at the fact that StoryCards™ are a shock to greeting card expectation, as well as a departure from ways to present a short story. In test cases, that shock appears to be what piqued interest. Stay tuned to see whether I have found a customer approved approach to present some of my favorite creations. PS: Don't worry if you don't immediately know the meaning of "TBICD™. It will become clear as you browse. If you aren't sure after looking around, check out the glossary on the back of each StoryCard™. That's right, each card has a glossary and a preface, not to mention a trailer advertising some other StoryCard™.
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