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Heart in Hand
Merchandise and Paraphernalia for the Modern Odd Fellow
Tuscola, Illinois, Etats-Unis
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In this modern day, there is a great need for updated Odd Fellows merchandise and paraphernalia that is thoughtfully designed so that it not only promotes the Order but is attractive and suits the tastes of all its members. Over the last many years there have been less and less manufacturers of these goods that previously had been plentiful and popular among Odd Fellows for showing off their loyalty and pride in the Order. Of the remaining manufacturers, the items are boring or lackluster and fail to excite those who gaze upon them. As you well know, the time to reignite the flames of passion for our good Order is now! Our designs have been made by dedicated members of the Order who are volunteering their artistic labors in an effort to not only raise funds for their home Lodge but to raise spirits and interest in our great Order. Many designs are based on the artistry of the Golden Age of American Fraternalism but updated in new and exciting ways. The imagery of Odd Fellowship is noble and beautiful and speaks for itself and our designs are sure to impress many a Lodge Brother and Sister alike. Our product examples are as near a correct representation of the actual article as is possible to make them; and we aim to make our descriptions clear and concise. While this store is not an officially sanctioned arm of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, all sales proceeds go toward the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Tuscola Lodge #316 in Tuscola, Illinois. In F,L, & T Three Links Emporium
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