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Products to make you feel as fierce and fabulous as a drag queen!
Austin, TX, Etats-Unis
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Jackie Huba and Shelly Stewart Kronbergs are the authors of the new book, "Fiercely You: Be Fabulous and Confident by Thinking Like a Drag Queen." http://amzn.to/29KYxXd Drawing on her own experiences doing drag as her fierce alter ego Lady Trinity and interviews with the world's top drag queens, Huba and coauthor Shelly Kronbergs offers five Keys to Fierce that will help readers find the courage to ignore criticism and live the life they truly want to live every day—no wigs or stilettos required. See Jackie's groundbreaking TEDx talk "Unleash the Power of Your Inner Drag Queen" as the first female drag queen to appear on a TED stage: https://youtu.be/KQbTvFHymLc
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Jackie Huba