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Working on my roar
Washington, DC
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The CaroLøve is for the women who were born to be flamingos in a flock of pigeons- women who love a hint of quirk layered on a base of timeless style. These are the women who are not afraid of glitter or color or trying something new. They extend their sense of style to their homes + the world around them. They leave a trail of sparkle wherever they go. The CaroLøve is truly a collection of what I love and how I live, currently in Washington, DC. I was born a granddaughter to an interior designer and the daughter of a teacher. Both are known for their class and sense of style. I still tend to shop from my mother’s closet in Laytonsville, Maryland where I grew up and I look to her for fashion advice regularly. Aside from continuously working on my esthetic, I always strive to better myself as a person through advocacy + philanthropy. The CaroLøve has a bit of a double meaning. My grandmother, upon learning that she would never see me if she ever called me Carrie, took to calling me CaroLion. Løve is actually Norwegian for lion. How pretty and convenient is that?! It works out because this blog is curated collection of what Caro loves. I’m obsessed with lions, and as a famous little Lion King once said, I’m brushing up on looking down I’m working on my roar
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Caroline Downing