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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, ROYAUME UNI
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I am a self taught artist. The painting is the easy part, the drawing and proportions are the important bit for me and the hardest to perfect. I picked up a paint brush a few years ago, starting with acrylics and now I use oils and I haven't stopped . My canvases are around our house in many places but luckily people tend to like what I do and I have my work in France, Africa , St. Kitts in the Caribbean and in homes throughout England. When I discovered wonderful Zazzle it gave me the opportunity to share my work with you all and bring some colour to our world. I do tend to put a message across with my paintings, like my Snow Leopard entitled 'Leave me alone' as there are so few left and my Elephant ' I am what I am' embracing individuality. I hope you don't mind as I cannot help myself. My latest is 'DNA', a painting of a Silverback gorilla. I know the most related DNA is from a chimp but I love Silverbacks so I slightly tweaked this fact. Take care and thank you for looking. Sharon
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Sharon Summerby
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