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Social Introverts
It's not a contradiction.
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I spent my entire life thinking that I was psychologically damaged, that my aversion to social gatherings and crowds was a disorder or a phobia. I couldn’t even enjoy my solitude, because I continually assailed myself with resentments and deprecations for wanting it so often; for being unable to enjoy the parties and venues that I thought must be inherently enjoyable, despite my failure to tap into that joy. It wasn’t until 2012 that I learned about the true nature and value of my introverted personality, that I am completely normal, that my disposition was born in me, and that it was no mistake. Today, I’m a new person, whole and healed, happy about who I am, happier than I have ever been. All I had to do to make that change was to read the right articles and books, and put an end to my self-imposed punishment. Now I want to try to help bring that same relief to others like me, who may also be spending their lives hating themselves by mistake. It breaks my heart to think of people living the way I did for so long, just because word hasn't yet reached them that being an introvert is not supposed to hurt.
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