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Hand-drawn, hand-lettered fun
Hampshire, ROYAUME UNI
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As a kid I loved to draw. I'd write and illustrate books in my spare time in kindergarten and sketched cartoon panels in high school just to narrate inside jokes with my friends. I nearly went to school for fashion design, though I loved history too much not to study that instead. I went to uni, studied abroad, met a boy, went to grad school, got married, worked at the Jane Austen's House Museum, and had 2 babies before I really got into my art in a serious way again. After seeing an amazing former Disney artist illustrate one of my favourite radio comedy shows, I decided I had to get back to a hobby I'd enjoyed for so much of my life. I filled up my first sketchbook in a month, and I was off! Drawing cartoons for family birthdays and hand-lettering cards and envelopes blossomed into commissioned portraits and greeting card designs. So now, here I am on Zazzle to try my hand at doing what I love: making beautiful pictures and letters. I hope you enjoy my shop; I certainly enjoy running it!
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