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Saturday Evening Post Sports Collection
America's Most Classic Sports Illustration
Indianapolis, Indiana
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For nearly 300 years, The Saturday Evening Post magazine has chronicled American history in the making—reflecting the distinctive characteristics and values that define the American way. Tracing its roots to Benjamin Franklin, The Saturday Evening Post mirrors cherished American ideals and values, most memorably illustrated by its iconic cover artist Norman Rockwell.
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Couple Downhill Skiing
Still Life of Boys Toys
The Fish are Jumping
The Rookie
Thoroughbred Race
Three Umpires
Under The Lights by John Falter
Water Skier by McClelland Barclay
World as Cue Ball
100th Anniversary of Baseball
A Fine Catch by John Clymer
Autograph Session
Baseball Batter
Baseball Catcher
Big Pole Little Fish by Richard Sargent
Bowling Strike
Bull Riding by Fred Ludekens
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The Saturday Evening Post ™ used under license from The Saturday Evening Post Society, Inc. Indianapolis, IN. © SEPS. All Rights Reserved.