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Dinosaurs and robots can be pink too.
Costa Mesa, CA
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I have been the proud father of a beautiful baby girl since January 2016. I also happen to be a nerd and a geek. When I shopped for clothing for my baby girl I found myself disappointed with the "girl" choices. Most onesies and t-shirts depicted images and slogans perpetuating gender stereotyping of glittery princesses concerned with just being pretty and fawned over. While the cool, fun, and imaginative clothing featuring robots, rockets, dinosaurs, and other such neat-o subjects were clearly "boys' clothing. While I had no problem buying my daughter a blue onesie featuring a monster or shark, I thought it would be nice if I had the option to buy a pink onesie that also featured a monster or shark. I'm beyond the moon to have a daughter to share my interests and likes with, but I don't necessarily want to explain why I don't dress her in pink like other little girls. Pink is pretty. And, I want my little girl to be pretty in pink. I just don't necessarily want her to be limited to being a glittery princess when the option of being an astronaut, dinosaur, monster, or punk is also available to her.
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