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Know your fiction and show it!
Lincoln City, Oregon
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The Paracosms Podcast is a fortnightly audio show about our favorite imaginary worlds, focusing on worldbuilding, narrative structure, and creative influences. Together we will look at why these worlds were constructed as they were and how they evolved over time. I love exploring worlds of fiction. Whether flipping through J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels of Middle-earth, binge-watching my way through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or leading my Dragonborn across Skyrim: I tend to lose myself in the fantastic worlds set before me, as do many of you. It’s an escape, a way for us to experience wonder and amazement beyond our reality. I created the Paracosms podcast because I wanted to further explore these worlds, to peel back their creative layers and see how they were made. The time and effort put into world building is often a staggering amount, yet it is rarely discussed. I wanted to find out what influenced the authors of our favorite creations. I wanted to share this all with you. This store is a branch Paracosms and the show's host, Arthur McMahon.
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