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KGE Design Studio
Graphic art expressions from the desk of Ken Elmer
Winooski, VT, Etats-Unis
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"What is it that you need!?" She hollered from from the den. Amazing how she could simultaneously monitor her ironing while keeping an eye on me fishing around in her kitchen "junk" drawer. That junk drawer was always full of the most interesting things; miniature light bulbs, drape hangers, screws and bolts of various sizes, paint brushes, mason jar seals; parts that kept the larger grown-up world together and running smoothly. It wasn't off limits to me, but she knew of my propensity to rearrange systems to my liking, or as she called it "make messes". "It's for a school project Mom!" I hollered back, knowing exactly how the academic context would shield me. I gained full access to the junk drawer and arranged the best of the miscellaneous parts into what, at the time, I thought was a masterpiece. My project won first prize in my division at my elementary school. (see profile pic) I've been fascinated with and dedicated to art, design, and communications since the age of 8. My current style is reflective of that same approach today. I consider myself part illustrator, part sculptor, part engineer, part designer, part artist. My pieces are often more constructions than they are fluid expressions. I only hope they make someone's environment just a bit brighter or fun. If they do that for you, or even if they don't we'd love to hear from you because ultimately you're the reason we keep creating new designs. Don't be afraid to leave a review of our store our contact us directly. We do custom work and we love suggestions!
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