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Hand Lettered Joy
NC, Etats-Unis
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Hi friends! I’m so grateful to have you following along with my handlettering journey! I’d like to take this opportunity introduce myself by sharing five random/fun facts. 1. Brunch is my absolute favorite. I got married at 10:30am just so we could have a brunch reception. My only regret is that there were no donuts. 2. My dog is 4 pounds and she’s the best cuddle buddy in the world. Her name is Savannah but we hardly ever call her that, thanks to my husband’s creative, goofy mind. Current common nicknames are: Sabeet, Sabrina, and Savrielle. 3. I think there’s a fine line between encouraging and inspiring others through thoughtful words, and posting cheesy/meaningless inspirational quotes. I hope I accomplish the former through my handlettering. 4. I hardly ever watch movies. There’s a 99% chance I’ve never even heard of the movie you’re trying to explain to me and about a 96% chance that I don’t know any of the actors in it. 5. I hiccup all throughout the day, every day. But it’s only 1-3 hiccups at a time. So weird. I hope my hand lettering brings you as much joy as it has brought me! 😉 -Jess
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