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Iphelia Creations
Awaken to the Gift of Feeling
Saint Louis, Missouri, Etats-Unis
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Iphelia Creations offers lots of fun stuff related to Iphelia and all things feeling. Iphelia is the story of a child empath who struggles with being highly sensitive to the feeling experiences of everyone around her. As she grows she develops a passion for feelings and begins to spend most of her free time visualizing and drawing both her own feelings and the feelings of her friends and family. But she soon finds that not everyone in her class is as interested in feelings as she and this begins a journey which carries her from the depths of despair to the height of inspiration! The images from the book are intended to inspire us all to pay attention to our feelings. Feelings are real. Feelings are important. We may not see them, but they are always happening. They happen within us. They happen around us. They happen between us. Before anything happens in the world there is a feeling. As everything happens in the world, there is feeling. For more information go to
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