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I'm a Shiba Inu
Prince Frederick, MD
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The Official "I'm a Shiba" Store My Name is Greg and me and my wife have seaseme Shiba Inu named Kiba. I first learned about Shiba Inu's in 2007 when I was looking for a breed of dog that was unique and fit my life style. In January of 2008 my now wife bought Kiba for me and we both have fallen crazy in love with her and the breed. On our walks with Kiba, or when people visit our house and see Kiba for the first time... most peoples reactions are all the same with questions and comments like: What breed is that? That looks like a fox! Is that a fox? Well Kiba want's everyone to know that she is a Shiba Inu and not a fox, and for all the fellow Shiba Inu lovers out there we bring love and support to proudly say, "I'm a Shiba Inu".
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