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Wild Newfoundland
Newfoundland/Labrador souvenirs, giftware and clothing
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Vickie Emms (DiamondWillowDesigns) lives in Manitoba, Canada. Me and my husband made our very first trip to Newfoundland in the fall of 2015. We fell IN LOVE with the province. Although we had been to the east coast several times, we never made the effort to take the ferry to Newfoundland as they were camping trips, but flying down and renting a car was different. It was stunning! Our plan to return came true again in June 2017! I am planning another trip in the near future. I was born in Scotland and felt the gnaw in the gut at different scenes that reminded me of walking the bogs in Scotland as a child, specially up in the northern part of the province and oh, the smell of the ocean. You have come upon the store made especially for you, the Newfoundlander! Or not, maybe you wish to have your own souvenir from a trip you made and couldn't find the products, or you just wish you could visit..........the list is endless. Products will indicate your love for this beautiful province with products you will proudly wear or carry with you. We are unique and you won't find these product designs anywhere else! We are open to make special designs for you if you wish to have your images on a product. Just write to us and ask. We reply as soon as possible.
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