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Concord, CA, Etats-Unis
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So here is the deal. I love life. I love it ALL. the beauty, the people, the food, the buzz and especially the ideas. Most of all I love to talk about how great life is and connect people who are living vibrantly. I do believe that our choices matter and that the choices we make impact our life. What we put into our mind gets planted in our heart and comes out in our actions. The reason I love life and am able to live in freedom and joy is because of the work that Jesus Christ has done in my life. You can read more about my testimony here. My faith in Jesus infuses every aspect of my life. I hope when you visit this page you get excited about life and the way God made you and are drawn to Him. Feel free to nominate friends to the blog, submit your questions to the podcast, find encouragement in the shop and be sure to tell your friends to go talk to Katie!
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