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Goddesses: Crowning of the Heart
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Hello - My photographic portrait series Goddesses ‘Crowning of the Heart’ explores and celebrates the interconnection between strength and femininity. My amazing and diverse subjects who range in age, backgrounds and race include infants, young children, homemakers, celebrities, artists, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Each Goddess participating in this portrait series are divine in their own right. Each has a different story but collectively share a common strength. I Also specially crafted and handmade crowns customized to the uniqueness of each Goddess photographed. It is this beautiful array of attributes that I capture and illustrate with my ingenious creations and lush color palette. The series of portraits and its message is to help raise awareness of the real feminine in her authentic form and one that is fundamental to nature and it’s strength, as every woman is a Goddess. The ultimate goal for this store is to highlight the feminine beauty, knowledge, and “STRENGTH.” Strength that cannot be scarred or broken! It can assume any shape, bypass any obstacles, yet be passionate, and loving: the true feminine quality. I wanted to Turn my unique portraits and my passion for women empowerment into a brand, that's how Goddesses: Crowning of the Heart was born. With this brand I hope for women to see themselves as the divine beings that they are, I want this brand to be one that brings awareness and the understanding of the heart, and I have chosen to do it in a creative way.
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Hannah Rokes