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Welcome to the Trained Unprofessional Store!
Ottawa, Kansas, Etats-Unis
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Hello everyone! My name is Deckerlink, the Trained Unprofessional, and welcome to my Zazzle store! If you're not familiar with me or what I do, please Czech out my YouTube channel at and become a part of this awesome community! This store's goal is to bring together people who want to represent some awesomeness on their person while also supporting up and coming artists and entertainers! We feature the art of Ivy McCurdy, my good friend and fellow person with a dream. She's the official channel artist and is one of the best out there! You can find her work, and even commission her at these links!: You can also find me at all of these places!: Now, you might have noticed the Patreon link there. If you hadn't, now you have. Unfortunately, I currently find myself in a place in my life where I cannot readily afford treatment for my mental health, and my only chance of getting that any time soon is from support on places like Patreon, PayPal, and on here. This isn't a full fledged charity, but I think it should be known that, in addition to splitting any proceeds on anything featuring the work Ivy McCurdy with her, and justly so, my half will be going toward medical aid. We're going to be adding all kinds of things to this store, so stay tuned and hopefully you'll find something you'll like! Thank you so much for your time, and hopefully for your patronage! Have a nice day! ~Jacob :)
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