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Deb Soromenho Art
Tackling life one mandala at a time!
Austin, TX
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I became addicted to making mandalas after trying to help myself meditate with drawing. As I drew them, I found myself with the patience (not one of my normal strengths) to draw intricate designs for hours on end. I discovered that I when I would hyper-focus on the lines I was putting on paper, the rest of the world would melt away (which sometimes ended up meaning dinner was really late, lol). The more I drew them, the more I loved them and discovered a lot of other people like them also. I thought it’d be great to sort of spread the mandala love, so to speak, by not only selling what I make, but sharing my process and making follow-along and tips and tricks videos for my IG and Youtube channels (take a look at my profile for links, I’m also on FB). I’ve always drawn for fun, now I draw with a purpose! I hope you enjoy my work and find yourself compelled to give mandala drawing a try for yourself.
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Deb Soromenho