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ARF & Soul
Dogs. Love. Life. Express yourself with the dog you love!
Dallas, Texas
À propos
ARF & Soul is a dog art series that I started in 2009. It was inspired by my two dogs, Gus and Spek. Gus is a Miniature Schnauzer and Spek is a Westie. Their portraits are included in this collection. The idea for ARF & Soul began while I was watching Gus and Spek, lay in a deep sleep. With dogs spending most of their days sleeping, I wondered what they were dreaming about. Do they dream of being somewhere else? Being someone else? Exploring this great big world? I was curious. When Gus woke up, he stared at me and I began to see life through their eyes. Currently, I have 58 breeds completed with a goal to do as many as my heart and mind allows. Soon I will be able to share the "Soul" behind ARF & Soul. I have complied these illustrations and the thoughts that inspired them into ARF & Soul the Anthology. It will be released on New Year's Day 2018.
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